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How To Use A VPN With Xbox 360

Ok guys, I wanted to let you know that over the last 2 months or so I’ve literally received hundreds of requests to devise a way to get an Xbox 360 to run through a vpn service. I’m pleased to announce that my efforts have been successful and I have tested the IAPS networks in Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States and all jurisdictions were easily able to play online at Xbox Live.

With the major part out of the way, I’m now working on how to stream media services from the Xbox 360 to your TV directly. I know a few British services have just launched Xbox 360 compatible streaming services and I hope to have a solid guide for this as well in the next few coming days.

Here is the step by step guide straight from the IAPS site detailing how you can setup your Xbox 360 to use a vpn:

How To Use A VPN With Xbox 360.

I have screen shots available that prove my method works, and that it works well. It is my hopes that I have fulfilled another well sought-after entertainment facility for you folks. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to see the screen shots, please let me know. Thank you.


Administrative Notice

Hello Folks,

We’re making some changes around IAPS over the next few days. Here’s a quick run down of whats happening:

1.) The U.S. based Eagle server will be discontinued. It will be replaced by a server 10 times the power and its code name is NetNewz. The NetNewz server will offer website hosting services through the Plesk control panel and will also provide United States based VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. All current accounts that reside on the Eagle server will be transferred over to the new NetNewz server. SSH services will no longer be offered in this location.

2.) Our Canadian locations are being completely discontinued. Any remaining clients on these servers will be contacted privately and given a choice of a new location and/or service type. The demand for Canada simply isn’t there and we’d rather invest our resources in locations that our clients find useful.

3.) The Goldenhawk server that acts as the gateway server to numerous countries is being rebuilt. I expect this server back online by tomorrow at some point. All current accounts on that server will remain the same. I will input the same account information on that server for clients that are already assigned to it so no need for new account information.


Additional Programming for the IAPS U.S. TV Packages

Folks, myself and the crew here at IAPS have been striving to add additional programming to our United States based tv packages. We’ve been successful in our preliminary tests for the following networks and their associated web players:

USA Network
TV Land
Comedy Central (U.S. Version)
A&E Network
ABC Family

I’m very happy with the results thus far and I believe those clients of IAPS that use our American TV Packages will be pleased to have these additions.