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Administrative Notice

Hello Folks,

We’re making some changes around IAPS over the next few days. Here’s a quick run down of whats happening:

1.) The U.S. based Eagle server will be discontinued. It will be replaced by a server 10 times the power and its code name is NetNewz. The NetNewz server will offer website hosting services through the Plesk control panel and will also provide United States based VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. All current accounts that reside on the Eagle server will be transferred over to the new NetNewz server. SSH services will no longer be offered in this location.

2.) Our Canadian locations are being completely discontinued. Any remaining clients on these servers will be contacted privately and given a choice of a new location and/or service type. The demand for Canada simply isn’t there and we’d rather invest our resources in locations that our clients find useful.

3.) The Goldenhawk server that acts as the gateway server to numerous countries is being rebuilt. I expect this server back online by tomorrow at some point. All current accounts on that server will remain the same. I will input the same account information on that server for clients that are already assigned to it so no need for new account information.